Data Mining software, ECMiner™ was co-developed by ECMiner Co., Ltd., the professional Data Mining company and researchers in Pohang University of Science and Technology to optimize customers’ needs. ECMiner™ maximizes usability and convenience of the existing powerful algorithm from the user-friendly point of view so that can be easily used by non-experts, supporting Hadoop, In-Memory and distributed process for big data for customers’ insight based on our innovation and latest technology.

Product Characteristics

Massive Data Processing

Our own data structure adoption for efficient data processing with proven ability to massive data process (SKT, Samsung, LG, etc.)

Powerful Data Preprocessing

DB type and independent data extraction Powerful data preprocessing (merge/outlier removal, array, derivative variable generation, conversion)

Various Statistics/Mining Analysis

Prediction/Classification/Clustering/Association Rules related algorithm
Statistics/Time-Series Analysis/Experiments Design/Nonlinear Regression
Text Mining/Image Mining

User-friendly Analysis Condition

Adopts Visual Data Mining for intuitive decision Visually constructed for all tasks Easy to use (Score card generation, etc.)