ECMiner™ Supportive Algorithm

ECMiner has diverse analysis techniques that can be used for prediction process quality and outlier detection for manufacturing; customer analysis and demand prediction for marking; and application in the audit system, anti-money laundering and fraud transaction analysis and detection for the company risks.

Supports for Prediction Simulation Application
Classification Discriminant or set discriminating standard and then decide good/defective
  • Yield analysis and process control analysis
  • Defects diagnosis
  • Analysis of abnormal signs in the facility to prevent abnormal operation
Prediction Make a model with scientific statistics based on the past/present data to predict future circumstances.
(eg., Regression analysis, time series analysis)
  • Risk management (Audit system, ALM, Fraud Detection)
  • CRM (Customer Analysis/ Prediction)
  • Credit Rating
  • Demand Forecast
Clustering Automatic clustering of similar attributes
(eg., customer segmentation based on customer profiling)
  • Verify pattern of customers or products
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Apply to Audit system
Association Shows degree of association between product and product(eg., Diaper customers buy beer products -> newlyweds)
  • Similarity analysis
  • Shopping Basket analysis
  • Disease Patterns analysis
  • Risk Patterns analysis
  • Disease Prevention analysis
Link Analysis Analyze link information between an object and another object through Visualization
(Link analysis)
  • Social (human) Network analysis
  • Crime or Sign of fraud analysis
  • Apply to Audit system