ECMiner IMS™ Overview

ECMinerIMS™ is data-mining-based intelligence monitoring system that allows 1)Real time quality prediction, 2)Real time process monitoring, 3)Alarm/Action Guidance and 4)Real time analysis.

ECMiner IMS™ Characteristics

ECMiner IMS™is system for real time monitoring and abnormalities detection that is upgraded from the conventional HMI(Human Machine Interface) system of artificial intelligence applied with advanced analysis method.

Real time prediction ECMinerIMS™ HMI System
  • Preemptive response to abnormalities via data-mining-based real time prediction (quality/stability/energy)
  • Provide influence factor of abnormalities
  • No real time quality prediction
Real-time process
  • Monitoring considering physical correlations via multivariate statistical process control (MSPC) method
  • Visualization of operation status
  • Immediate detection of the case of abnormalities
  • Monitoring on separate variables via statistical process control (SPC) method
  • Production may continue without correction of the abnormalities as physical correlation may go undetected
Alarm / Action Guidance
  • Objectification of alarm process operation in case of process abnormality
  • Provision of similar countermeasures of the past in case of abnormalities
  • Prompt response to abnormalities thanks to timely information provision
  • Dependence on operator’s subject experiences
  • Time consuming in searching for relevant data from the past
Real-time analysis
  • Data extraction provided(unlimited capacity and number of variables)
  • Fast data extraction
  • Real time analysis provision(SPC, correlation analysis, regression analysis etc.)
  • Data interlinked with data mining software ECMiner™ in ecl form for more sophisticated analysis
  • Separate service from computer center of separate program required for collecting data for analysis purposes
  • Limitation in capacity and in number of extraction variables
  • Takes long to extract data
  • No real time analysis function
ECMiner IMS™ Main Characteristics

he system allows prompt business decision making and automation by providing prediction results via real time analysis model applied to diverse analysis variables.

ECMiner IMS™ Application cases in production/process operation
ECMiner IMS™ Main Features

The modelling and analysis system provides diverse analysis modules for engineers to carry out analysis fit for their purposes. Engineers can carry out advanced analysis from basic statistical analysis to time series and mining analysis.

ECMinerIMS주요기능 실시간 품질 예측 및 공정모니터링 / 예측결과, 민감도, 트렌드 차트관리도,  T-square/SPE, 기여도 차트 Alarm/Action Guidance / Alarm 수준 정의 및 편집, Alarm List 및 이력검색, Action guidance 결과 실시간 분석 / 멀티차트, 상관분석, 회귀분석 태그 데이터 추출 / 조회 조건 설정 영역, 데이터 출력 영역 SPC 관리도 / I-MR, Xbar-R, Xbar-S, MA, EWMA, CUSUM 차트 정기 보고서 및 관리기능 / 주기적 분석 요하는 보고서 → 엑셀 다운로드, 사용자 관리, 권한 관리, 태그 관리, 코드 관리, 프로젝트 관리, 알람 관리
ECMiner IMS™ Expected Effects