Definition of Linkage Analysis

Linkage Analysis is a networking process that links correlated entities with aims to extract certain patterns or movements in data. (Byrne 2002)


ECMiner LA™ Application Areas

Link Analysis is applied in various areas as it is useful in searching and clearly defining the relation among each different entity on big data.

Application Areas Data Examples
Finance Financial transaction data, profile Anti-Money Laundering
Communications Network Communications records, profile Telecommunication Fraud
Business Intelligence Customer, service, supplier, partner, transaction history Informal network analysis, sub-groups
GIS Traffic flow data Bottleneck section, shortest distance
Crime/Fraud Investigation Transaction history, call history, regional information, incident information Insurance fraud, criminal identification
ECMiner LA™ System Composition

ECMinerLA™ Monitor consists of four windows; menu window, linkage window showing relations between entities, attribute window showing values for entities and links and summary report window showing all information above in a simple grid.


ECMiner LA™ System Data Flow


ECMiner LA™ Main Features > Graph

ECMinerLA ensures efficiency of linkage analysis by providing diverse layout in tree, bundle, circle and radial form.


ECMiner LA™ Main Features > Attribute Search

The feature allows search for different entity attributes, link attributes and score information.


ECMiner LA™ Main Features > Summary Reports

Summary Reports function displays information including transaction history, bank account holder and bank account information (customized by tasks related to each client). With a click on the variables header, data are aligned either in ascending or descending order. By synchronizing data in grid and linkage, choosing data on the grid automatically lead to picking the equivalent data on linkage window.


ECMiner LA™ Main Features > Filtering

The filtering feature allows users to choose data as they see fit so that they can efficiently process large-scale data.


ECMiner LA™ Main Features > Linkage

The feature allows users to intuitively figure out the concentration of linkages by looking at different thickness of linkages that are determined by the number of inter-entity links.