ECMinerAML™ Product Overview

ECMinerAML™ provides necessary ability for KYC system and TMS system, and also analysis environment to develop rule/score/transaction pattern models with linked ECMiner™. Particularly, it provides integrated system and analysis environment with various functions of association analysis to track/analyze money flow, statistics/mining for various analyses, report creation and association with the external system.


Domestic anti-money laundering type solution

  • Proven solution as Evaluation Analysis system of Financial Intelligence Unit
  • Contains money laundering type contents for system building of Financial Intelligence Unit/Korea Customs Service system (scenario, suspicion grade computation)
  • Accumulated analysis knowledge on similar crime types
    (National Police Agency/Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service)

Developed with domestic technology

  • Developed with domestic technology so proper for domestic financial institutions
  • Easy and convenient using environment
  • Intellectualization of domestic money laundering types
  • Easy customizing and maintenance

Data Mining based solution

  • Data Mining based patterning on money laundering suspicious transaction
  • Provides integrated analysis environment for hire/score/association analysis
  • Links a model to the Data Mining based suspicions
Classification Support
OS Unix, Linux, Windows, etc.
DBMS Oracle, Sybase, informix, SQL Server etc.