Company Department in Charge Project Duration
c_logo1 LED Epi Process Technology Group Process condition optimization and LED chip yield increase using Data Mining 2010.04 ~ 2010.05
c_logo Iron Making Team (Pohang) Development of Pohang managing ability and expansion into 2,4 Furnace Management system 2010.02 ~ 2010.07
c_logo Iron Making Team (Gwangyang) Development of Gwangyang 4 Furnace Management system 2010.02 ~ 2010.06
c_logo Glass Business Team Computer Vision based glass surface waviness detection system development 2010.02 ~ 2010.10
c_logo Konkuk University Subway Project Group Development of real-time air quality monitoring system of Seoul Metro lines 2010.01 ~ 2010.06
c_logo KOICA / Guatemala Office Development of Risk Management Information system of Customs Office in Guatemala 2010.01 ~ 2010.12
c_logo Iron Making Team (Pohang) Development of Pohang 3 Furnace Management 2009.09 ~ 2009.12
c_logo Semiconductor System LSI Atypical Analysis System performance improvement project 2009.09 ~ 2009.11
c_logo Compliance Team Development of Anti-Money Laundering system 2009.09 ~ 2010.03
c_logo Distribution Management Team Anti-Distribution of illegal oil system 2009.09 ~ 2010.02
c_logo Planning & Administration Anti-Money Laundering system 7th upgrade 2009.08 ~ 2009.12
c_logo Card Card customers LTV computation 2009.07 ~ 2009.09
c_logo Network Research Cancellation prediction model development for enterprise customers through traffic trend analysis per line 2009.07 ~ 2009.09
c_logo Technology Team Methanol separation process optimization consulting (pilot) 2009.06
c_logo Samsung BP Technology Team Purchased ECMiner™ 2009.05
c_logo Compliance Team Development of ECMiner AML TM based Anti-Money Laundering system 2009.03 ~ 2009.06
c_logo Korea e-Customs Service Development of Customs Related Risk Management Modulation 2008.08 ~ 2008.11
c_logo Samsung Semiconductor System LSI MASS+ Atypical Analysis System 2nd upgrade/Real-Time Monitoring system 2008.09 ~ 2008.12
c_logo Planning & Administration Development of Money Laundering Evaluation Analysis system by type 2008.07 ~ 2008.12
c_logo Compliance Team Development of ECMinerAML TM based Anti-Money Laundering system 2008.08 ~ 2009.04
c_logo Foreign Exchange Investigation Development of Foreign Currency Transaction Monitoring system 2008.05 ~ 2008.12
c_logo Compliance Team Development consulting of role/scoring system for Anti-Money Laundering 2008.05 ~ 2008.09
c_logo Compliance Team Development consulting of role/scoring system for Anti-Money Laundering  2008.04 ~ 2008.08
c_logo System LSI MASS+ Atypical Analysis system(Data Mining Analysis) upgrade 2008.03 ~ 2008.08
c_logo Memory Business Team Development of expert system based Vacuum Pump Real-Time Monitoring / Defects Detection system 2008.02 ~ 2008.08
c_logo NGM (ISF) 2nd business of Next Generation Service Development 2008.01 ~ 2008.09
c_logo USN Research ECMinerTM supply and training 2007.11
c_logo BcN HQ Development of Scoring system for Target Customers Selection for Advertisement 2007.10 ~ 2008.01
c_logo Korea Customs Service Analysis consulting for Trade Based Anti-Money Laundering (TBML) 2007.10 ~ 2007.12
c_logo Financial Intelligence Unit Financial Transaction Analysis system 2007.10 ~ 2008.03
c_logo Iron Making Team Development of Data Mining based factory Monitoring system 2007.08
c_logo Evaluation Information Team Prediction of over-charging medical insurance model 2007.07 ~ 2008.03
c_logo Investigation Bureau, National Police Agency Development of Criminal Information Analysis system 2007.04 ~ 2007.08
c_logo Computer Center, Korean Post Development of Insurance Customer Cancellation Model 2007.03
c_logo NGM (ISF) Development of Next Generation Service system 2007.03
c_logo TDR Quality analysis consulting of single crystal growth process (Czochralski process) 2007.03
c_logo Samsung Electronics LCD Production Technology Group ECMinerTM based CVDprocessanalysis consulting 2007.02
c_logo Business Management Information College ECMinerTM and ECMinerRTMDSTM supply and training 2007.02
c_logo Special Steel Technology Team ECMinerTM supply and training 2007.01
c_logo Financial Intelligence Unit Development of Integrated Information Analysis system for the ECMinerFDTM based Anti-Money Laundering 2007.01 ~ 2007.06
c_logo Energy management TFT SM factory optimization: Energy pend minimization project 2006.12 ~ 2007.04
c_logo FINEX factory Development of ECMinerTMand RTMDSTM Real-Time Process / Quality Monitoring/Defects Detection syste 2006.08 ~ 2006.12
c_logo Financial Intelligence Unit Development of Scoring system for ECMinerTMbased Anti-Money Laundering 2006.06 ~ 2006.12
c_logo LG Electronics PDP A3 factory (manufacturing 42″ PDP) Quality Factor Understanding and Improvement project 2006.06 ~ 2006.09
c_logo Korea Post Finance Data Mining model update and maintenance of the finance system of Ministry of Information and Communication Korea Post 2006.05 ~ 2008.04
c_logo Finex/Technology Research ECMinerTM using Finex factory optimized operation analysis consulting 2006.02 ~ 2006.04
c_logo Samsung Semiconductor Memory Business ECMiner TM using vacuum pump early defects detection consulting project 2006.01 ~ 2006.03
c_logo Energy Management TFT Team ECMinerTM using energy optimization consulting for MTBE factory 2005.12 ~ 2006.03
c_logo Technology Research Provide ECMinerTMfor Finex factory operation analysis 2005.01
c_logo Base Chemical (Yeosu) Provide ECMinerTM and ECMiner RTMDSTM to NPG factory 2005.01
c_logo CRM ECMinerTMusing CRM consulting (customer segmentation) project 2005.09 ~ 2005.12
c_logo BRU Factory (Daesan) BRU(Benzene Recovery Unit)process analysis and Energy optimization 2005. 09
c_logo Samsung Electronics LSI Business SSA(Spatial Signature Analysis) using Wafer defects pattern analysis system 2005.09
c_logo Secondary Cell factory (Cheongju) Secondary Cell quality affecting factor analysis (Pilot) 2005.07
c_logo BR Factory (Daesan) BR Factory Energy Optimization 2005.06
c_logo VCM Factory (Daesan) VCM process quality improvement consulting 2005.03
c_logo Samsung Electronics DM Atypical Analysis system (LSI Business) Development of LSI Business process management Analysis System(MASS+) and ECMiner™ based Atypical Analysis system 2004.09 ~ 2005.03
c_logo Samsung Electronics CRM Analysis Task and Campaign (Marketing Team) Marketing supporting Data Mining based CRM consulting 2004.10 ~ 2005.01
c_logo DAV Business Provide ECMiner™ and defects affecting quality factor analysis 2004.12
c_logo Base Chemical factory (Yeosu) ECMinerTM/ECMinerRTMDSTM supply and consulting for Base Chemical factory operation analysis standardization 2004.01
c_logo PVC Factory (Yeosu) Analysis consulting (pilot) for PVC factory quality improvement 2004.07
c_logo RFCC Process / Process System RFCC process Yield Improvement (consulting and ECMinerTM supply) 2004.07
c_logo CRM Team Customer needs based customer analysis and Prediction model development consulting 2004.03 ~ 2004.07
c_logo NATE Contents / Using Pattern Analysis NATE user pattern analysis and regular customers analysis, preferred contents analysis consulting 2002.03 ~ 2002.04
c_logo Data Analysis for Making a Marketing Policy Analysis of Dial Pad customers and call center data and development of monetization prediction model at premium conversion 2001.11 ~ 2001.12
c_logo Data Mining Website advertisement effects analysis Data Mining consulting project 2001.06
c_logo MIDAS DB Mining CRM strategic development and Data Mining consulting project 2000.09 ~ 2000.12